• Keene KLAB KIT In-Wall Amplifier


    The Keene in-wall amplifier (KLAB20) is a unique product ideal for use in multi-room audio installations. It is a high quality stereo audio amplifier that is built into a standard sized UK double gang back box. It provides 20 Watts per channel RMS of amplification (when using 4 Ohm speakers) eliminating the need to make space for a conventional amplifier. It draws its own power from an externally located mains adaptor and control is by infra red remote.

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  • Keene KLABKITDB Bluetooth In Wall Digital Amplifier Inc PSU


    The new Keene KLABKITDB Bluetooth in-wall DIGITAL amplifier makes it is so easy to add music to any room, Kitchen, Bedroom, study or almost any room. This small in wall amplifier fits into a standard UK double back box and only requires 25mm depth. So is easy to install but, delivers an amazing 20W RMS per channel. You can choose from four music sources, either Bluetooth connectivity, integrated FM radio or rear line input or, you can even plug in your MP3 Player to the useful front jack socket. Control is easy, there are push/pressure buttons on the front panel membrane and an infra red remote.

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  • Russound ALT-126R Volume Control


    The Russound ALT-126R is a wall-mounted 126 watt, peak, volume control with a Decora-style wall plate. It connects between the speaker outputs of an amplifier or receiver and a pair of speakers.
    Using Ultra-Match technology, the Russound ALT-126R allows you to easily match the load of multiple speaker pairs to the amplifier impedance without the need for a speaker selector or other impedance-matching equipment
    All Russound volume controls are made with precision autoformers for high-fidelity sound, excellent frequency response, no heat buildup, and maximum power transfer from the amplifier to the speakers.

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  • SGA-40 In-Wall Amplifier


    The SGA-40 in wall amplifier is perfect solution for schools, classrooms, hotels, and board rooms. Simple to use and built into the wall. Also perfect for domestic environments kitchens and rooms where you need to keep surfaces clear. The SGA-40 can be mounted in a conventional wall box or dado track.

    Supplied with white frame (as shown) and UK power supply.

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  • Systemline E50 Bluetooth system with touch-gesture control


    The E50 In Wall Bluetooth Music System with Touch – Gesture Control from Systemline is a vision of beauty whilst has superb sound quality and features a touch sensitive panel and contactless gesture control. The E50 Gesture Contro, feature is particularly useful when the music system is installed in a kitchen area as you will still be able to operate the system without touching the panel, whilst having sticky or wet hands from cooking and food preparation.

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