• Russound Acclaim AW70V6 70V/100V Speakers


    The Russound Acclaim AW70V6 70V/100V speakers are custom designed speakers for indoor or outdoor use using either 70V or 100V amplification. These AW70V6 speakers, sold as a pair are specifically designed to produce high quality, custom tailored sound for distributed audio systems. Excellent for a commercial set up or ideal for larger residences. The speakers are perfect for use with Russound Commercial Series Amplifier, the XZone7, which is a high resolution digital media streaming audio system for commercial environments.

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  • Russound ALT-70V-50 – 70V/100V Volume Control


    Introducing Russounds’ new commercial audio install range volume control the ALT-70V-50 , specifically designed for use with commercial audio systems using either 70V or 100V amplification.

    This Russound ALT-70V-50 – 70V/100V ‘Decora’ Style Volume Control is specifically designed to add local or zone audio control to any 70V system. This is the perfect volume control for use with Russounds’ flexible XZone70 audio system, they will enhance any project with class defining sound control. The ALT-70V-50 has a unique make-before-break design, meaning that as you turn the knob, the volume will ramp up or down smoothly, with no breaks in the sound. The electrical connection to the next step is always made before the connection of the previous step is broken. The result: smooth sound adjustment at any volume level.

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