• Russound A-BUS BTA-2 Bluetooth Local Input Module


    The Russound BTA-2 is a wall-mounted local input module for A-BUS installations that allows the easy integration of any Bluetooth® audio source such as those from a phone or tablet. Whenever a Bluetooth signal is received, the BTA-2 will automatically switch the active audio source to the Bluetooth device, making it simple and easy to use by any homeowner.

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  • Russound A-LC3 Local Source Input


    The A-LC3 Local Source Input allows you to connect a computer, CD player, or other audio source to the room speakers in an A-BUS zone. It automatically selects the connected source when it senses an audio signal. You can then use the room keypad or volume control to adjust the speaker volume while playing the local source, just as you would while listening to a source through the main A-BUS system. When used with a Russound A-K6L keypad, it will turn on the zone’s keypad.

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  • Russound A-PS High Current Power Supply


    The Russound A-PS Power supply is a component of the Russound A-Bus system hubs.

    This Russound A-PS powerful high current power supply works with A-Bus system hubs to power up to 4 x A-K4 keypads. Compatible with the A-H2, A-H4, A-H4D and A-H484 single and multi-source hubs it completes the system (it won’t work without one!).

    This regulated power supply is designed and manufactured to work with the Russound A-Bus platform, ensuring reliable and long-lasting system performance. It is also optimized to reduce system interference or noise and maximize the system’s stable and enjoyable sound quality.

    Although alternate or similar PSU’s maybe be available, using them with a Russound A-Bus hub will invalidate the warranty on the product. We recommend that this high quality power supply be used for any stable and reliable A-Bus system.

    Remember, the A-H484 A-Bus hub requires 2 x A-PS to enliven all eight keypads!

    Sold with UK IEC leads/plugs.

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  • Russound BSK-1 Bluetooth Source Kit


    The Russound BSK-1 Bluetooth Source Kit includes the BTC-1X Transceiver and BTC-1 XStream Receiver. The BSK-1 allows you to connect your smartphone, or other Bluetooth equipped device to any existing centrally located multi room audio system (eg Russound CA4)

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  • Russound D-Series D1650 Digital Power Amplifier


    The Russound D1650 digital multi-channel amplifier offers the features custom installation professionals demand while offering a lighter weight, smaller chassis and more efficient Class D power. The D1650 offers Sound Quality, no hum a lighter weight, smaller chassis and more efficient Class D power. More power, more efficient, more robust…

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  • Russound D-Series D850i 8 Channel Digital Power Amp


    Meet the all new Russound D-Series D850i 8 Channel Digital Power Amplifier. More power, more efficient, more robust…just more. This the next generation of Russound’s unbeatable multi-channel amplifier range. After complete redesign form the ground up,the result is the D-Series, a completely custom-built solution that has all the great features of the popular R-Series amps in a much more refined platform.

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  • Russound D250LS 50w Power Amplifier


    The D250LS is perfect for installations that include adding a local source to a multiroom system. The D250LS allows the source (e.g., a PC or TV in the bedroom) to automatically override the audio playing in that particular room of a distributed audio system. When the local source is turned on, the amplifier switches the room speakers to its own output. This amplifier also provides autosensing line and amplified inputs as well as a trigger input for versatility in different applications.

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  • Russound IPK-1 – Single-Gang IP Keypad


    The IPK-1 is designed to provide easy access and convenient control to a room or zone using any of the following Russound audio systems: MCA-66, MCA-88, MBX-PRE, or MBX-AMP.

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  • Russound MBX-AMPi – High Resolution Network Streamer & Zonal Amplifier


    The all-new MBX-AMP is part of the latest generation of professional grade streamers from Russound, dedicated to high-resolution music performance and installation flexibility. They both bring Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi versatility to the customer’s music and fingertip control for their music pleasure.

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  • Russound MBX-PREi – Single Output High Resolution Network Streamer


    The all-new MBX-PRE is part of the latest generation of professional grade streamers from Russound, dedicated to high-resolution music performance and installation flexibility. They both bring Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi versatility to the customer’s music and fingertip control for their music pleasure.

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  • Russound MCA-66i Multi Room Controller – 6 Zone-6 Source Network Controller


    Russound’s new MCA-66i Multi Room,Network Controller delivers six zones of stereo audio from any of six sources. The MCA-66i is a responsive and effective controller/amplifier providing distinctive and outstanding distributed audio performance, whilst whilst giving 40 watts of high fidelity power per zone.

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  • Russound MCA-88i Multi Room Controller


    The Russound MCA-88i Digital multi-zone controller amplifier provides up to eight zones of distributed audio. Scalable to 48 zones, the MCA-88i provides numerous options to tailor every room in residential or light commercial distributed audio systems.

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  • Russound MDKC6 Multiline Display Keypad


    The MDK-C6 Multiline Display Keypad is a wall-mounted, US style standard fit, double-gang keypad for C-Series MCA-C5 and MCA-C6 Controller Multizone Amplifiers.

    The keypad’s gray scale LCD screen displays real-time information including playlist, channel, artist, song title, genre and more when used with Russound Smart Sources (DMS-3.1 Media Streamer and iPod Dock for instance), allowing easy navigation of sources and content.

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  • Russound USRC Universal Remote Control


    The Russound USRC is a super remote control, as it states ‘Universal’ It is a complete solution for all of your remote control requirements.It is designed to operate source devices and all Russound and A-BUS audio system keypads (A-Bus Standard/Advanced, CA4, CAA66, C-Series & X5 via SLK-1, MDK-C6).

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  • Russound Voice V-KP-1 Alexa Touch Pad – In-Wall Streaming Amplified Touchpad


    Are you needing to update your current ABUS System, then this is the product for you. Modern design to add Bluetooth, streaming options, multiroom audio, and app control – making it ideal to replace existing systems like ABUS. The system can be powered using either cat5/6 to the keypad – or speaker cabling to the keypad.

    This is a great builder solution and is easy to install in new or even retrofit installations. You can use any existing audio system wiring from entry-level volume controls to high-end control systems to upgrade old technology to the latest features.

    New from Russound we have the Russound Voice-KP-1 Alexa Touch Pad, In-Wall Streaming Amplified Touch Pad. The V-KP-1 is an amplified touch pad with Amazon Alexa built in. This innovative touchpad was created with a modern design to add Bluetooth, streaming options, multiroom audio and app control to update older ABUS installed systems using their existing wiring, from CAT5 to standard speaker wire, including any of the millions of homes with simple volume control systems, all with no new wiring needed.

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  • Russound XTS7 in-wall touchscreen


    The new Russound XTS7 is an elegant, in-wall touchscreen with a 7” display and a quad-core processor running the Android™ operating system. That means you can install and run apps from the Google Play Store, in addition to using the pre-loaded Russound App, perfect for controlling your compatible Russound audio system. The XTS7 is free to control any other smart home devices in your home such as Rako lighting, Yamaha MusicCast, QMotion blinds, etc. That makes it the perfect companion for your installs where customers don’t require a fully-fledged control system, but want the convenience of a wall mounted touchscreen.

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