• Russound Voice V-KP-1 Alexa Touch Pad – In-Wall Streaming Amplified Touchpad


    Are you needing to update your current ABUS System, then this is the product for you. Modern design to add Bluetooth, streaming options, multiroom audio, and app control – making it ideal to replace existing systems like ABUS. The system can be powered using either cat5/6 to the keypad – or speaker cabling to the keypad.

    This is a great builder solution and is easy to install in new or even retrofit installations. You can use any existing audio system wiring from entry-level volume controls to high-end control systems to upgrade old technology to the latest features.

    New from Russound we have the Russound Voice-KP-1 Alexa Touch Pad, In-Wall Streaming Amplified Touch Pad. The V-KP-1 is an amplified touch pad with Amazon Alexa built in. This innovative touchpad was created with a modern design to add Bluetooth, streaming options, multiroom audio and app control to update older ABUS installed systems using their existing wiring, from CAT5 to standard speaker wire, including any of the millions of homes with simple volume control systems, all with no new wiring needed.

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