• Labgear LDL212R Aerial Distribution Amplifier – RED Compliant


    The new Labgear LDL212R is a 12 way Aerial Distribution Amplifier. The new LDL212R is 4G/LTE Ready and designed to boost and distribute signals from the RF2 output of a satellite receiver and or terrestrial TV and radio aerial signals.


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  • Labgear LDL216 Aerial Distribution Amplifier


    The new Labgear LDL216 is a 16 way Aerial Distribtuoin Amplifier replacing the MSA2163. The new LDL216 is 4G/LTE Ready

    These Labgear LDL216 Aerial Distribution Amplifier work as an aerial amplifier and signal booster designed to increase and improve TV signals to multiple TV points around your home. Even if you are building a larger system you can still have DigiLink channel changing on each of the rooms connected with these professional specification metal case distribution amplifiers.


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  • Labgear LDU604G 4 Way Home Distribution Amplifier


    The Labgear LDU604G is designed to distribute any combination of Sky, Sky+, FM, DAB, UHF and CCTV signal around your home and is 4G/LTE Ready.

    The built-in mode switch optimises the unit according to the requirements – either for systems with a satellite receiver , or those without.

    This is the replacement for the HDU641G model.

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  • Labgear LDU608G 8 Way Home Distribution Amplifier


    Distribute your satellite TV, UHF TV, VCR and DVD around your home with this Labgear LDU608G distribution. This Labgear LDU608G Home Distribution Amplifier is 4G/LTE Ready.

    Two versions are available, the LDU608G (previous model HDU681S) and the new Labgear LDU604G (previous model HDU641S). The LDU608G delivers to the main set-top box location plus 8 other outlets, ie 9 in total. Both have Infra-Red pass through, providing a return path for IR signals in a remote room. This means that with the addition of a HandyLink set, not only can you watch the VCR in a remote room but you can also control it using your existing IR remote control.

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