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  • Rako Pre-Programming Module Service


    CyberSelect now offer a Rako Pre-Programming Service for Rako Lighting Control modules purchased from CyberSelect.

    We have an experienced installation team, who complete installs every week. These installations range from larger complex lighting systems, integrated lighting within a Smart Home, to small and simple Rako Lighting Control both Wired Systems and Wireless Systems working seamlessly together. They can assist with pre-programming of your modules for your Rako Lighting Control and Home Automation System.

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  • Rako RAK4R Relay Control Rack


    Rak4R is a 4 Channel twin relay control unit for control of up to 4 curtain or blind motors. Configurable to suit most motor types such as 240V roller, Venetian or Roman blinds, curtain tracks or low voltage motors. Relays are isolated and can be used to provide volt-free contact closures from the Rako network for nonmotor control applications.

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  • Rako RAK4T Trailing Edge Dimming Rack


    The Rako RAK4T is a four channel dimming rack, designed to be wall mounted in an electrical cupboard. Incorporating the latest dimming technology. Hybrid IGBT design enables leading and trailing edge control of lighting loads, quietly and smoothly. The dimmer has four separated dimming channels that can control a total of 2400w/2000va of trailing edge dimmable lighting loads. In parallel with the 4 dimmer channel is a separate switched relay channel for LEDs or Fans or other non dimmed loads. The RAK-4 requires a separate RF receiver (RxLink) which connects using standard CAT5 RJ45 sockets. Controlled from any Rako RAKOM RF device, for example the RCP07 or RCM070 push button RF wallplates.

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  • Rako RAKLink


    The RAK-LINK provides an isolated link between the RAK4 dimmer units and wired RAKOM products. The unit also includes a heavy duty 15v dc power supply for the RAKOM network. Connection for the CAT5 is by 8 way punch down terminals. This allows for a daisy chain configuration of the RAKOM wired network. Where a ‘star’ or ‘home-run’ configurations are required the use of the RAK-STAR unit is needed. Three RJ11 programming sockets within the unit allows system programming using the RASOFT software suite and connection of other RAKOM accessories such as the WA-BRIDGE interface.

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  • Rako TCM Timeclock Upgrade Module


    The Rako TCM Timeclock is an upgrade module. The TCM is a time-clock and advanced programming upgrade module that can be connected to a RA-Bridge or a WA-Bridge. Once programmed, the TCM will allow automatic timed events  for example, holiday simulation, macros, mapping and other advanced functions. This is an excellent module for remote location control of your home events for security and simulation of habitation.

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  • Rako WMCUB Twin Relay Curtain & Blind Control Card


    The Rako WM-CUB is a Twin Relay curtain and blind control card which forms part of the new RAK8 modular system. The new RAK8 modular system allows you to add individual control cards to your RAK8-MB (modular board) with complete flexibility to build a bespoke system to meet your requirements. The WM-CUB is used for implementation of control, for motorised curtains, screens and blinds. Delivering an open, close and stop functionality.

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  • Rako WMS-600 Switching 600W RAK8 control card module


    The Rako WMS-600 is new to the Rako range of programmable lighting control. The new WMS-600 is a 600W pluggable module for use with RAK8-MB, that is suitable for use with non dimmable loads or other outputs that require mains switching.

    The Rako WMS-600 is plugged directly into the RAK8-MB board and is best suited for use with non dimmable lighting loads, extractor fans or any other switched mains output applications.

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  • Rako WMT-400 Trailing edge 400W RAK8 control card dimmer


    The Rako WMT-400 is a pluggable trailing edge dimmer module to be used with the RAK8-MB. The Rako WMT-400 unit is plugged directly into one of the slots on the RAK8- MB.

    The WMT-400 can be used in combination with any of the other modules compatible with the RAK8 allowing for greater flexibility during both specification and installation. Trailing edge dimming technology gives smooth quiet dimming of electronic transformer fed loads and maximises dimming performance of most GU10 and other LED fittings.

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