• Global Cache iTach Flex IP Network Adapter Wired


    The new wired Global Cache iTach FLEXIP is the ultimate smart home automation tool, the small form factor allows it to be hidden out of sight. With the infrared emitters and tri-port splitter cable you can control up to three infrared devices. Or choose the RS232 cable to take control of RS232 equipment such as lighting control systems and heating control.

    The Global Cache iTach Flex wired provides powerful, inexpensive, and simple connectivity to almost any infrared or RS232 device so it can be controlled and automated using an iPhone or Android app on a smartphone, tablet, or any other user interface.

    Historically, automation and control products have been complex and expensive, used almost exclusively by the very wealthy. That changes with the easy availability of control apps on the iTunes Store and Android Marketplace, and the ability to connect almost any device in the home to a WiFi or wired network using the Global Cache iTach Flex wired.

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    iPort LuxePort Charge Case for iPad Air, Air2 , Pro 9.7 ,5th Gen – Silver

    £420.97 £354.00

    SALE iPort LuxePort iPad Power Sleeve for iPad Air, Air2 , Pro 9.7 ,5th Gen – One only in Silver Finish

    Introducing the all new iPort LuxePort Charge Case for  iPad Air, Air2 & Pro 9.7 & 5th Generation. The aesthetically pleasing LuxePort Case fits the  iPad Air, Air2 & Pro 9.7 & 5th Generation and can be used with either the iPort LuxePort Base Station or the iPort LuxePort Wall Station. The LuxePort range of products, offer the flexibility of the LaunchPort range but with added styling and design similar to that of the Surface Mount. The stylish design allows iPad to seamlessly blend into high end offices and residences with precision machined components that are finished by hand.

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    iRoom iTop Pro for iPad Mini, Pro and Air


    iRoom’s iTop, one intelligent table Dock for iPad Air 1-2, iPad mini and iPad Pro

    iRoom’s iTop is the most recent addition to iRoom’s iPad Docking Station range.  iRoom’s iTop is the first iPad Pro compatible docking solution in the industry. But is at the same time compatible with the iPad Air and iPad mini models, this through a very innovative method of adjusting the Lightning connector.  iRoom’s iTop has many  intelligent functions such as lights, blinds, source select or volume can be controlled by simply pressing a touch button. No need to unlock the iPad screen, open the control app and find the right control. It also features six Quick Keys for instant access to control functions independent from the iPad.

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    KEF Ci160CR In-Ceiling Speaker (Sold Singularly)

    £160.00 £120.00

    The KEF Ci160CR in ceiling speaker features the KEF's unique asymmetrical tweeter island, this configuration reduces high frequency diffraction and aligns the off-axis power response of the tweeter and woofer to make the speaker almost as placement friendly as Uni-Q. Combining impeccable sound quality with the elegant ultra-thin bezel (UTB), the Ci C Series range is part of how to “Hide your speakers, not your sound.”

    With a bass frequency down to 52Hz, the new KEF Ci160CR Thin Bezel speakers have a 'footprint' of 235mm diameter and a flush appearance.

    The grill of the KEF Ci160CR speaker is attached magnetically.

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  • Labgear PSW113 satellite outlet


    Screened Single F-Type Satellite Outlet

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    Labgear PSW113MB Screened Single F-type Satellite Outlet Module

    £1.80 £0.60

    Fully screened single satellite f type outlet

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    Leviton BLWP1-CHG Excella UK Wallplate Frame (Champaign Gold)

    £3.00 £0.90

    Replacement frame for UK Excella wallplates

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  • Muxlab 500752 HDMI Over IP Extender Kit with PoE


    The HDMI over IP Extender Kit with PoE allows HDMI equipment to be connected up to 330feet (100m) @ 1080p via one (1) Cat5e/6 unshielded twisted pair cable in a point-to-point configuration. Point-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-multipoint is possible by connecting several Transmitters and Receivers to the same Ethernet network. The Transmitter (500752-TX) and Receiver (500752-RX) also support PoE (PD) if used with a PoE (PSE) Ethernet Switch. The kit comes with one (1) Transmitter and one (1) Receiver. The IR Emitter and IR Sensor, if required, may be purchased separately for remote control applications.

    For the point-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-multipoint configuration the Ethernet switch must have Gigabit ports, DHCP Server capability and IGMP communications protocol. MuxLab recommends using the Cisco SG300 Series Managed Switches.

    The MuxLab Pro Digital Network Controller (500811) is available to simplify the configuration and utilization of the MuxLab IP based products via an Ethernet web interface, and supports third party management via smartphone and tablet.

    The kit includes two units; HDMI over IP Encoder (500752-TX) and HDMI over IP Decoder (500752-RX). The HDMI Encoder converts an HDMI bitstream into IP allowing it to be transmitted over an Ethernet LAN. The HDMI Decoder converts the IP packets back to the original HDMI bitstream for playback via an HDMI display.

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    Pure Single Gang- USB Charging Socket

    £7.68 £1.50

    This Pure, PU9901 single gang, USB charging socket is the perfect solution for charging iPads, Smartphones, iPods, cameras and other USB chargeable devices. Whilst still leaving your main plug socket free to use with any other electrical item. No more lost charging plugs, or unplugging the straighteners or kettle whilst charging your phone.

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    QED WM15 2 Way Parallel Wall Mounted Switch

    £120.00 £108.00

    The QED WM15 two-way parallel speaker switch allows you to connect and switch two pairs of speakers in parallel from one amplifier. Parallel switching ensures best quality, but be careful as two pairs of speakers at 8 Ohm will lower the impedence to 4 Ohms. Check that your amplifier can handle this, before using.

    The power handling of the WM15 is 150 Watts RMS. The WM15 is suitable for use with the WM14 volume control.

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  • Rako RACUB 24DC


    The Rako RACUB 24DC is a compact dual relay RF switching module. Ideal for integrating  24V motorised curtains, blinds and projector screens with the lighting control system. These can be controlled from any Rako Wired Rakom device or Rako Wireless RF device, for example the WCM, RCM or RNC 030/060/070/100 RF wall plates.

    The RACUB 24DC is designed to fit a local motor, the relay module is used for motorised window dressings and particularly useful in home cinemas for projector screen control. The robust microprocessor design ensures reliable switching with dual relays enabling open, close and stop functions. Intelligent motor protection function stops harmful back currents from damaging the relays. The RACUB 24DC requires a 24V DC supply.


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    Russound A-K6L Amplified Keypad with LCD

    £380.00 £300.00

    A-K6L Amplified Keypad with LCD and Multisource Capability for A-BUS System

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    Russound EZB-1SC Speaker Connecting Block

    £27.00 £18.00

    Only three available

    The Russound EZB-1SC speaker connecting block provides an easy and convenient way to connect up to four pairs of speakers to one stereo amplifier or power amp. Its compact size, removable connectors, and expandability make it a must-have when paralleling multiple speaker pairs.

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    Russound RSF-620 6.5 Two Way In Ceiling/Wall Speakers

    £255.00 £210.00

    The Russound RSF-620 take all of the best elements of the RSF-610 and the RSF-6x range to build on their performance, but with an upgraded 1″ silk tweeter, give an much improved fullness of sound that brings you even closer to the music you love. For critical listening and enhanced sweet-spot the directional tweeter allows you to bring the sound where you want it, while keeping the aesthetics of the ceiling layout.

    The improved efficiency gives you a more room filling sound from the same amplification. Coupled with increased power handling, means you can fill even larger rooms and spaces with incredible sound.

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  • SGA-40 In-Wall Amplifier


    The SGA-40 in wall amplifier is perfect solution for schools, classrooms, hotels, and board rooms. Simple to use and built into the wall. Also perfect for domestic environments kitchens and rooms where you need to keep surfaces clear. The SGA-40 can be mounted in a conventional wall box or dado track.

    Supplied with white frame (as shown) and UK power supply.

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  • Xantech Dinky Link IR Surface Mount IR Receiver


    The Xantech Dinky Link DL85 IR receiver has been designed for mounting in very small spaces. They may be mounted under shelf edges, cabinet ledges, in wall speakers, etc. – anywhere an inconspicuous appearance is desired. The high sensitivity of these receivers allows placement behind speakers grilles and still receive IR commands up to 80 feet away. If longer range is necessary, a 3/8-inch hole must be drilled in the grille to allow unobstructed entry of the IR signal.


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  • Xantech EN85K Convertible IR Receiver Kit


    The Xantech EN85K Ensemble is a convertible IR Receiver Kit is the professionals choice for controlling multiple pieces of IR-controlled equipment located in a cupboard. It uses one of the most discreet IR receivers available and features surface mount technology that can be adapted to almost any surface mount, flush mount or shelf mount application. It includes all of the parts necessary for installing a single-room IR Repeater System for controlling a TV, Audio/Video Receiver, Blu-ray player, Cable Box, Satellite Receiver…just about any IR controlled A/V home entertainment device.

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