IPO-70900 SM PRO 10.5
iPort Surface Mount with POE Splitter for iPad Mini 6 – Black

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Quick Overview

Meet the latest addition to the iPort iPad mount range.  The all new iPad Surface Mount for the iPad Mini 6 in Black is the most elegant way to  continuously charge and securely wall mount your iPad Mini 6, making it always available for use. The stylish mount is available in Black or White. The the iPort Surface Mount is slimline and minimalist in design requires only a single gang wall box for the power connection, the Surface Mount PoE Splitter is the smallest of its kind. The Splitter can receive power from a PoE Switch (IEEE 803.2af), or can be powered from nearly any 24V power supply.


Product Description

Compatible with iPad Mini 6,  the iPort Surface Mount for your iPad extrudes the mounting surface by only 11.4mm, making it extremely neat and unobtrusive. The Surface Mount bezel has a subtle curved edges and an attractive black matte finish. The advantages of wall mounting your iPad are endless, it can be used for integrated as a smart touch controller for the control of lighting, heating, control of your curtains and blinds. It is also an excellent solution for educational areas and display purposes but mostly the Surface Mount ensures you iPad is conveniently housed and always charged. Not only is the surface mount great looking with its precision machined bezel it features an arrangement of internal ports, clips and locks the enable almost all of the iPad hardware functions. All of the functionality is hidden from sight within the high quality frame.

The mount has a PoE splitter that is designed to provide the necessary power via the lightning connector from a PoE or direct 24V power source. The iPort PoE splitter is a tiny device that can fit into any wall box, worldwide. Connect Cat-5 or Cat-6 cable to the Splitter to receive power from a PoE (803.2af) power source like a PoE Network Switch or connect low voltage wire to our 2-pin port from any 24V DC power source. Connect your iPad lightning cable to the USB port to provide up to 12W of power to iPad. You can even use the Splitter as a cable manager to wrap up excess iPad cable, making it easier to place the Splitter in a wall box.

Installation is simple it is literally just a snap and click after the power supply has been connected and you can choose the orientation of your mount, landscape or portrait the Surface Mount is suitable for either. We have a simple video that demonstrates the ease of installation.

NB: This product is sometimes a special order item and has a two week lead time, please call to check availability

If you require a POE Injector, this can be purchased separately. The POE Injector works with PoE Splitter to provide power from an AC receptacle and send it up to 600 ft via CAT 5 or CAT 6 cable PoE 802.3af.

Install iPad in a snap.

Installing iPad into the Surface Mount bezel is a ‘snap’, literally. Just place iPad into the bezel and snap in the tabs, that’s it.  While installed, you can still control the iPad power button by using the power button extension port on the side of the bezel.  You can even utilize iPad’s speaker and microphone while installed in the bezel

Use any wall box worldwide; install in any orientation.

The Surface Mount system gives you true flexibility when installing iPad on a wall.  The mounting bracket can be positioned in any orientation on top of any wall box.  This is helpful if trying to align the Surface Mount with other objects above or below on the wall, or if trying to cover a hole from an older device.  And our specialized screws are 1 part anchor, 1 part screw, minimizing the amount of work required to affix the mounting bracket onto the wall.  We thought hard to make it easy… so you don’t have to.

Bezel Surface Mount

iPad is everywhere, in business and homes. There are thousands of smart devices now that help make your life better like smart door locks, smart lighting and even digital music systems. All these devices come to life on your iPad screen where you can control them as you desire. We believe there should be an easy way to place your iPad on a wall, making it always charged and always available. Turn your iPad into a smart touch controller with Surface Mount: the elegant frame that allows you to integrate iPad onto any surface.

Surface Mount’s precision machined aluminium bezel doesn’t just look great: inside is a beautiful arrangement of ports, clips and locks that enable nearly every iPad hardware function. All this capability is engineered in a minimalist, high quality frame and hidden from sight.

PoE Splitter

The PoE splitter is designed to provide the necessary power to the iPad’s lightning connector from a PoE or direct 24V power source.

Surface Mount electronics are designed to power iPad in nearly any scenario, whether running power over long distances or even utilizing existing wiring from an older device. The Surface Mount PoE Splitter is the smallest of its kind, fitting into even single gang European wall boxes.  The Splitter can receive power from a PoE Switch (IEEE 803.2af), or can be powered from nearly any 24V power supply.

Powers iPad or any 5V mobile device up to 600 feet from PoE Power Source. Optionally powers iPad via 24v DC power. Fits into any single gang wall box including EU, UK and US boxes.

Please Note – iPads with USB-C are supplied with a PoE+ Adapter, iPads with Lightning connector are supplied with a PoE splitter.


Precision-Machined Bezel, High Grade Finishes

Surface Mount’s Aluminum bezel is made of high-grade alloy and finished to the highest standards. Comes in a Black finish. The result is bezel as refined as the iPad itself.

Flexible Power Options via PoE or Low Voltage

Surface Mount’s electronics system can receive power from a PoE Switch or 24V DC power supply.  And for instances in which power from a wall receptacle is required, just use the Power Injector (sold separately).

Install on Any Surface, Use Any Wall Box

Surface Mount was designed from the bottom up to be the easiest iPad mount to install, ever.  Use any Wall box, whether EU, UK or US, single gang or double gang.  Simply hang Surface Mount over the box, in any orientation.



PoE Splitter Power Options:

  • PoE Switch
  • 24V
  • Receptacle
  • Power iPad via PoE (Power over Ethernet), low voltage (24V DC) or from a wall receptacle.


  • Works with iPad Mini  6


What’s in the Box

  • Bezel & mounting hardware
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Manual
  • PoE Splitter






  • Works with iPad Pro 10.5

What’s in the Box

  • Bezel & mounting
  • PoE Splitter
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Manual
Compatible iPad Mini 6
Height 14.27cm
Depth 1.14cm
Width 23.72cm
Weight 0.36kg

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