Rako RAKStar

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Quick Overview

The Rako Rak-Star is a wired connection unit allowing multiple CAT5 ‘star’ or ‘home run’ cables to be connected to the Rako wired network, generally for when the installer prefers to wire control panels in this fashion. The RAKStar also allows each ‘leg’ to be isolated making cabling fault identification easier. No additional power supply is required, the unit is fed from the RAK-LINK units via either the RJ11 sockets or the CAT5 network.


Product Description

For star performance the Rako RAK-STAR is a connection for the CAT5 is via eighteen pairs of 4-way Krone punch down terminals. This allows for connection of the incoming and outgoing (if required) ‘daisy chain’ network plus sixteen star connections. With data out and return on each leg the RAK-Star provides an extention to the daisy chain network. Each star connection can have up to 10 Rako devices connected with the common 15V power at the start of each leg reducing the volt-drop issues associated with long CAT5 runs. Each star connection has an isolation jumper for the 15V power to each leg and a switch to isolate the data. With most system faultfinding time being associated with cable and connection problems use of a RAK-Star box greatly reduces site time on larger networks. Two RJ11 programming sockets within the unit allows system programming using the RASOFT software suite and connection of other Rakom accessories such as the WA-BRIDGE interface.