Rako_WSR-DALI_Control Module
Rako WSR-DALI Addressable DALI control module for a Wired Network

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Product Description

The WSR-DALI allows the integration of an addressable DALI network into a Rako wired system. Up to 64 Dali ballasts can be assigned to 15 different Rako channels in a single room either by DALI short addresses or using DALI groups. Auto-heal functionality for easy replacement of faulty ballasts is also available.

The WSRDALI is a wired control module with outputs to control 15 channels of addressable DALI fittings in a single Rako Room. Individual DALI fittings can be grouped to Rako channels and the unit includes an address recovery function allowing should one DALI fitting need replacing.

Programming is achieved with Rasoft Pro and allows Auto addressing of DALI devices. Swap, Move and Group functions allow the user to achieve a logical arrangement of devices for programming.

Tech Info

Rako WSR-DALI Data Sheet

Rako WSR-DALI Install & Programming Sheet


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