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Quick Overview

The new Russound CA4 Multizone Controller features a four-zone, four-source configuration in a slim, attractive chassis with easy-to-use keypads. With simplified cable management, Class D digital amplifiers, and features such as source grouping, all off, and party mode, the CA4 offers big system features at an affordable price.


Product Description

The CA4 Kit is designed for easy installation and use, it features a rack-mountable 1U chassis, Class D digital amplifiers, an RS-232 port for connection to home automation and control equipment, a 12 VDC mute trigger input, and a 12 VDC trigger output. The CA4 also features source grouping, all on, all off, and “party mode.” Systems are scalable to support up to two CA4 controllers linked to make an eight-zone system with four sources. The CA4-RC learning system remote is designed exclusively for the CA4 and provides complete source control through IR pass through.
To speed up wiring and reduce clutter, the CA4 uses an innovative wall port to connect the controller to the network of wiring that runs throughout the home. Four CAT-5 cables (included with kit) connect the CA4 to the wall port. From the wallport, CAT-5 and speaker wiring is run to each zone. This design allows a home to be pre-wired and tested before the CA4 and source equipment is installed.
For system control, the all-new CA4-KP keypad lets you select between four sources and adjust bass, treble and loudness. The keypad is also used to set source grouping, all on, all off, and party mode. The CA4-KP features green backlighting, and includes an IR receiver and IR confirmation through an LED status indicator.




The CA4-KP keypad controls zone on/off and source selection as well as bass, treble, loudness, source grouping, party mode and all off. It includes an IR receiver for control of sources through IR pass through, or by the CA4-RC learning remote control.

NB: The Russound CA4 controller has routable IR, so you can have two or more identical sources and maintain IR control of each independently.

Easier Installation

Cabling is by Category 5e cable from each keypad to the included wall plate, and speaker cable from each pair of speakers to the same wall plate. To connect the Cat5e cable to the keypad and also to connect it to the wall plate you need to fit RJ45 plugs onto the cable. We supply both theRJ45 plugs and crimping tool to do this.

Connection between the wall plate and the controller is achieved using RJ45 patch leads that are included as part of the kit.

Keypads require US style backboxes.

Installation Tip
Buy the US style back boxes early before the walls are plastered. Cut out size for the back box – 56mm wide x 95mm tall x 78mm deep

iPod/iPad/iPhone integration using AirPlay  [Airplay]

You can play music from your iPod, iPhone or iPad (or your iTunes library on your PC or Mac computer) to the Russound multiroom controller by adding an Apple Airport Express as an input source. The AirPlay function takes the music from the iTunes library on your computer or iPod, iPad, iPhone (iOS) device and sends it wirelessly to the Airport Express. Since the Airport Express Base Station has a 3.5mm jack socket you simply connect the output audio jack to the RCA phono connectors on the back of the Russound using a 3.5mm to 2 phono interconnect lead.

The Airport Express utility allows you to name individual Airport Express base stations so you can have multiple units connected to your Russound mulitroom controller, each named differently. Why not have one per user? This would give you your own personal audio stream from your iOS device or from your iTunes library. You can use the Russound keypad to select your stream for the room that you are in. Select your music and control it using your iOS device.

The Airport Express uses dual band 802.11n WiFi so if you can get WiFi in the room you will be able to Airplay your music back to the centrally located Airport Express Base Station and Russound multiroom controller.

iPod/iPad/iPhone and Android integration using Bluetooth  [Bluetooth]

Although Bluetooth has a shorter range (approx 15m) than WiFi more devices can connect using it, so the Russound Bluetooth Source Kit allows you to stream to the Russound multiroom controller.

The Russound Bluetooth Source Kit BSK1 consists of two parts. The BTC-1 is the termination box which sits beside your Russound multiroom controller. The BTC-1X is the transciever. This receives the Blkuetooth stream and delivers it to the termination box over Cat5e/6 cable. This dual part system allows you to stream music to the centrally located controller from the remote room despite the limited distance of Bluetooth.

The BTC-1X can receive the Bluetooth signal from your Bluetooth device within a range of 15m free space (49′). The transceiver is powered over the Cat5e cable from a 12V power supply connected to the centrally located termination box. As with the Airport Express, the naming software allows you to name individual Bluetooth Source Kits for easy identification.

System expansion to more rooms

To facilitate system expansion, the CA4 includes both fixed and variable line level outputs for Zone 4, as well as an expansion port to allow two CA4 controllers to be linked for an eight zone system, and an RS-232 port for connection to home control and automation systems.

Using Zone 4 with variable line level out you can connect a power amplifier to give you higher volume levels in larger rooms. The variable line level will allow you to still control the volume using the wall mounted keypad.

Using the fixed line level output on Zone 4 you can connect to a Russound ABUS system, allowing you to add multiple rooms – with each room listening to the same music. In this scenario each room would have independent volume control.

8 Ohm speakers are recommended but you can have 4 Ohm speakers in up to two rooms if required.

If you need to have two pairs of 8 Ohm speakers operating in parallel in a single zone, you will need to upgrade to the Russound CAS44 controller which has torriodal amplifiers built in, not Class D digital ones. The larger amplifiers can work down to 4 Ohms. Please ask if in doubt.

Kit Contains:

1 CA4 Controller
4 CA4-KP Keypads – White (Decora wallplates not included)
1 CA4-WP Wallport – White (Decora wallplate not included)
1 USRC Universal System Remote Control
4 Single IR Emitters
4 CAT-5 with 4 RJ45 connectors
4 Sets Source Labels
1 Pair of Rack Ears
1 Power Cord
1 Instruction Manual


CA4 Controller:

  • Shipping Dimensions 20.3″ (W) x 7.5″ (H) x 11.4″ (D) / (51.4 x 19.1 x 29.0 cm)
  • Shipping Weight 11.4 lbs (5.2 kg)
  • Audio Output(s) 4 speaker level (8 ohms)
  • Audio Source Inputs 4
  • Common IR Port 1
  • Communication Ports RS232 port
  • Frequency Response 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Input Impedance 50 kohms
  • Line Audio Outputs 2 (Fixed and Variable) (Zone 4 only)
  • Max Source Audio Input 2.3 Vms
  • Power Supply VAC 100V to 240V @50-60Hz 110W (Auto Select)
  • Routed IR Ports 4
  • Trigger Input(s) 12VDC
  • Trigger Output(s) 12VDC 100 mA Max
  • Wall Port Ports 4
  • Watts per channel 15

CA4-KP Keypad:

  • Shipping Dimensions 2.7″ (W) x 4.5″ (H) x 2.3″ (D) / (6.8 x 11.4 x 5.7 cm)
  • Shipping Weight 0.2 lbs (0.1 kg)
  • Keypad Cables CAT-5 – RJ-45 termination
  • Keypad Ports 1
  • Max Cable Length Wall Port to Keypad – 240′ (73.2m)

CA4-WP Wall Port:

  • Shipping Dimensions 2.7″ (W) x 4.4″ (H) x 2.3″ (D) / (6.8 x 11.2 x 5.7 cm)
  • Shipping Weight 0.3 lbs (0.1 kg)
  • Keypad Cables CAT-5 – RJ-45 termination
  • Keypad Ports 4
  • Max Cable Length Wall Port to Controller: 6′ (2m)
  • Wall Port to Keypad: 240′ (73.2m)
  • Wall Port to Speaker: 240′ (73.2m)
  • Speaker Connection(s) 4
  • Speaker Wire Size 14-18 gauge – screw termination

Tech Info

Russound CA4 Controller Product Manual

Russound CA4-KT1 Product Brief

Russound CA4-KP Product Manual

Russound CA4-WP Product Manual


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