Global Cache Flex IP Wired Network Adapter with Power Over Ethernet

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Quick Overview

Global Cache’s TCP/IP (Ethernet) iTach Flex is an industry first, smart end-point that network enables electrical devices instantly.
The Flex adds intelligence to the enabled device, allowing events and tasks to be triggered with simple web-based commands.
The Flex includes on-board memory allowing for stored web pages and files, and web page control.


Product Description

The new Global Cache iTach Flex IP POE benefits form PoE, meaning no requirement for additional local PSU’s. It offers great flexibility as it is compatible with various leads available including infrared emitter, infrared blaster, tri port cable and serial RS232 cable allowing for a combination of connections.

You can use a Global Cache iTach Flex IP POE with an infrared tri port cable, 2 x infrared emitters and 1 x infrared blaster to control your home cinema system or connect a serial RS232 cable to take control of your lighting system.

The Global Cache iTach Flex IP POE wired provides powerful, inexpensive, and simple connectivity to almost any infrared or RS232 device so it can be controlled and automated using an iPhone or Android app on a smartphone, tablet, or any other user interface.

Having a very small footprint slightly larger than pack of chewing gum, makes it ideally suited for transparent coupling and seamless integration to any device in homes or businesses. Great for hiding on the projector in your home cinema. The Global Cache iTach Flex’s unique hardware form, with a WiFi or network connection to a 3.5mm jack that supports almost any type of protocol translation cable, offers the ability to bridge products and systems in a way never available before. The Flex also offers built-in IR learning.

When you have your home entertainment system under control, why not extend this functionality to Main Gates, Garage doors, Blinds and Curtains, lighting and much more. The Global Cache iTach Flex, with its scalable and simple to use design, will connect them all at the site of the equipment, with no need for a complex rack mounted system.

Build your system over time by adding new areas as and when you need to, the Global Cache iTach Flex is truly flexible.

The Global Cache iTach Flex introduces a new concept of distributed automation and control, with smart end-points that enhance and connect standalone devices, allowing for them to be accessed and controlled by apps on smartphones, tablets, you name it.


  • Astronomical clock to trigger events to occur
  • Power Over Ethernet
  • 4MBs of on-board storage
  • Footprint the size of a pack of chewing gum
  • Allows up to 8 simultaneous connections to any smart device
  • Free use of the Global Caché IR Cloud Database

Whats in the box

  •  1 x Global Cache Flex Wi-Fi Network Adapter
  • 1 x Power Supply
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide

Accessory Cables

 There are a range of accessory cables sold separately for the Global Cache Flex including:

  • Tri Port Cable
  • Infrared Emitter
  • Infrared Blaster
  • Two Emitter & One Blaster Cable
  • Three Emitter Cable
  • RS232 Serial Cable
  • Contact Closure Cable