Russound RSA-635 Speaker
Russound RSA-635 Two-Way Angled 6.5″ Acclaim Thin Bezel In-Ceiling Speaker

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The Russound Acclaim RSA-635 is a single speaker in a new RSA range of In Ceiling speakers that have moved away from the ‘Flat Position’ of the RSF series and now features an ‘Angled Position’ hence the launching of the RSA range.


Product Description


This a Russound RSA-635 single speaker. A great new look to a great speaker line. Russound Acclaim Speakers sport a thin bezel with magnetic edgeless grilles. Like all Russound speakers, they combine acoustic technology with durability and will provide years of musical enjoyment. The speaker line provides solutions for background music, dedicated music listening and home theatre.

The Russound RSA-635 single speaker features specialist Ultra Low Profile Bezel-less (with magnetic grilles) – with Ultra Low Mounting Depth – 15 degree angled two-way in-ceiling speaker with ‘Ultra-Light Neodymium Driver Technology’. 6.5″ IMPP ribbed cone, Pivoting 0.75″ Silk tweeter, 5-100 watts, sensitivity 90dB @ 1w/1m, Frequency Response 45Hz – 20kHz. 8 Ohms. Perfect for focused stereo dispersion, or home cinema LCR’s. Slim line low profile magnet.

The Acclaim Edgeless speakers combine premium acoustic materials, with our most advanced drivers to deliver exceptional performance in every application. From background music to spectacular surround sound, Acclaim Edgeless speakers offer the finest sound around.

Fittingly the last in the 6.5″ RSA series is the very ‘acclaimed’ RSA-635. Featuring the materials of a high quality speaker and Russound’s intuitive design – it is every inch the winner when it comes to superior performance. The RSA-635 has a 6.5″ (16.51 cm) IMPP woofer and a pivoting 0.75″ silk tweeter for added clarity, detail and fidelity. The RSA-635 is also a monster of speaker as it will easily handle the most demanding of stereo signals or home cinema soundtracks, as the speaker will effortlessly handle up to 100 watts – making it the serious choice for music or movie enthusiasts.

The Russound RSA-635 speakers are sold individually


All of the RSA speaker range feature a 15° angled two way speaker design. This clever design reflects some of Russound’s traditional premium speaker ranges (the ‘Advantage range and also the first Acclaim series loudspeakers a good few years ago). This clever design allows the whole basket to be angled at 15° to aim the music into the listening area, which is fantastic for home cinema front channels (LCR for example) for an intensely focused dispersion (mid and High frequencies) or they can be hugely beneficial for some stereo applications as well.

The RSA-635 speaker like the newer RSF Acclaim series benefits from a lighter more efficient neodymium driver. Russound’s NeoDrive compact driver design employs an inverted neodymium magnet structure to reduce speaker depth without compromising sound quality, so the RSA-635 is not only light, but it is also better for this clever design – enabling very deft performance for the most discerning listen.

The clever design and use of the neodymium magnets adds greatly also to the fact that even with it’s 15° angle it only requires 94mm of mounting depth, making it very flexible against other speakers with a more traditional design – and most importantly a really great option for an installer wanting the best performance even in the tightest of spaces.

It would be wise to bear in mind that many systems are currently geared around audio and video distribution systems so more zones have TV’s or displays. With this type of application sometimes in ceiling speakers do not function to their optimum capability with the normal flat-downward dispersal when the speakers are installed closer to the TV, as they do not help give the visual source great audio dispersion or coverage. This is where the RSA’s create their own stage to compliment their application as the speakers can be housed fairly close to the display in terms of distance to the screen, but they give you a more accurate and realistic sonic signature in this context, as the whole driver assembly is pivoted 15° to aim music/soundtracks/commentary etc. directly into the listening area, so in effect nothing is lost down into the floor!

Also these speakers are great when you have to consider decor – as sometimes speakers can be positioned away from the listening area to take account of light fittings or architectural features. In such cases the speakers are frustratingly devoid of presenting a proper stereo image into the listening area – and these speakers can help remove this issue. For instance if the speakers are behind a sofa/seating area, the RSA range can be used with their angled driver assembly to correct ‘room challenges’ in multi-room audio applications.

Like all of the new series they come a magnetic round grill, but remember a square grill is available separately (RSG-6SW) for in-wall or even in-ceiling aesthetic considerations


Type 2-way in-ceiling/in-wall (Round)
Impedance 8 Ohms
Power handling 5 to 100 Watts
Efficiency 90dB @ 1w/1m
Frequency Response 45Hz – 20kHz
Diameter 9.13″ (23.19 cm) diameter
Cut-Out 8.375″ (21.27 cm) diameter
Depth  3.7″ (9.4 cm)
Tweeter 0.75″ (1.9 cm) Pivoting Silk
Woofer 6.5″ (16.51 cm) IMPP Cone
System Single Point Combined Stereo
Magnet Structure Neo Magnet N40

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Russound RSA-635 Manual

Russound RSA-635 Product Brief

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