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Russound SLM-1K:Infra Red System Kit

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Quick Overview

The Russound new SLM-1K complete IR kit is incredibly flexible and excellently priced IR control kit for installation projects that works well with LED, LCD and Plasma TV’s and is resistant to fluorescent and compact fluorescent (CFL) interference for reliable operation. It is a complete, easy-to-use, infrared extender system. It is designed to allow you to locate your IR controllable devices out of sight, or even out of the room from where the remote control will be sending commands.


Product Description

This SLM-1K kit enables you to control four media sources remotely, using the slim line IR Receiver and 4 x IR emitters.

SLM-1K Diagram

If you require the location of your equipment such as Sky boxes, Blu-ray or DVD players, or other media devices inside a cabinet or in a equipment closet, out-of sight from the room where a television is used, the infrared kit is the perfect solution.The new slimline design of the IR Receiver ensures an aesthetically pleasing discreet installation, perfectly matching modern TV bezels, whilst the IR emitters are connected to each source device. Its then a simple task of connecting the colour coded plugs from the emitters into the connecting block.

The colour coded connections with easy-to-use 3.5mm plugs assure correct configurations and reduce the time on a job site. The kit works with all remote controls using carrier frequencies between 36kHz – 58kHz, including Philips RCMM IR Codes making it compatible with RCMM equipped devices such as those from AT&T U-verse and Sky TV.

With 4 IRE-1 emitters included in the kit, you can remotely control four source devices, the emitters emit from both front and rear for successful cabinet installation. Also blocking emitter covers are included to protect against IR leakage where multiple similar device are being control, for example two Sky boxes.

The CB-140 IR Connecting block is expandable to up to 8 emitters with two optional IRE-2 emitters and features IR confirmation LED for trouble shooting.


Key Features

  • With its super slim design, the IR receiver blends flawlessly on new style minimalist TV bezels
  • Matching low profile IR Emitter with front and rear IR output for mounting to a device or to an interior cabinet
  • Emitters include IR blocking covers to prevent unwanted signals
  • Plug and Play simplicity with easy-to-use color-coded connectors
  • IR Confirmation LED on the Connecting Block for system troubleshooting
  • Works with all TVs, including LED, LCD, and Plasma
  • Designed to operate in all lighting environments

Whats in the kit

  • 1 X SLM-1 Slim-Design Surface Mount IR Receiver
  • 1 X CB-140 IR Connecting Block
  • 4 X IRE-1 IR Emitters
  • 1 X CB-PS Power Supply (12vdc 500ma Max)


SLM-1 IR Receiver

Receive Frequency 36 kHz to 58 kHz
Power Consumption 95mA
Dimensions 2”W x 0.25”H x 0.5”D (50 x 6.3 x 13mm)
Cord Length 84“ (213cm)

CB-PS Power Supply for CB-140

Power Input 100-240vAC, 50/58Hz
Dimensions 2.25”W x 2.5”H x 1”D (57 x 63.5 x 25.4 mm)
Power Output 12VDC 500mA max

CB-140 IR Connecting Block

Power Consumption 15mA
Dimensions 3.85”W x 1.57”H x 0.79”D (98 x 40 x 20mm)
Cord Length 84“ (213cm)

IRE-1 IR Emitter

Power Consumption 10mA
Dimensions 0.47”W x 0.35”H x 0.1”D (12 x 9 x 2.8mm)
Cord Length 120“ (305cm)


Tech Info

Russound SLM-1K Infra Red System Kit Manual

Russound SLM-1K Product Brief


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